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White Chocolate Grappa

White Chocolate Grappa or FIOR DI LATTE - Click to Order

Item Code: 1006-500ml / 1070-200ml

Description: White Chocolate Grappa or Fior Di Latte as it is known is  a white chocolate blended with Grappa which results in a creamy, pleasantly sweet and smooth velvety tasting liqueur  with perfumes of vanilla.

Perfect after dinner on its own over ice, over vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate shavings or simply  instead of a dessert. Finally round off your meal by adding richness and romance to your espresso. It is characterised by a moderate alcohol content, which makes it smooth to the palate, and has a stunning white chocolate flavour.


Smell: Smooth, intense of cream and white chocolate.  

Taste: sweet, velvety.

After-taste: perfumes of milk and vanilla.

How to use it: Because of its moderate alcohol content (15°), it is particularly suitable as an  after-dinner drink or for any occasion during the day. It can be drunk straight but also on cream or vanilla ice cream and it is a very good ingredient for tasty cocktails. The best cocktail proposed is Laila: 3/10 of Fior di Latte Bottega; 3/10  Grappa Barricata, 2/10 cocoa cream; 2/10 express coffee. To shaker with some ice cubes..

Market positioning: The reference consumer is an individual aged between 18 and 54, mainly a woman of medium social level. The clean and attracting image has been designed for consumers who look for genuine products and also appreciate a fine packaging.

Distribution channels: Fior di Latte Bottega is aimed to the retail market; especially on  pastry shops, bars and wine shops.

Suggestions for Sale: This product can accompany  or substitute the dessert. Its aspect combined with its limited alcohol content and the sweet taste of white chocolate make it acceptable also to those who usually do not drink any alcohol.

Packaging: The bottle is long and narrow of white satiny glass with an elegant label.

Alcoholic degree: 15% vol. Capacity. 50 cl

Storage Conditions: Fior di Latte is a creamy liquor containing milk. Sealed bottles must be  stored in a cool dry place, at a temp. of maximum 24°C and far away from direct sunlight. Once opened, store in the fridge for 3 months.


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